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About Sam


Sam was part of a close and loving family living in Kent, comprising his two brothers (Ben and Tom) and parents (Chris and Michelle).  He was widely regarded among his many friends as being gentle, kind, cheeky and quick-witted. His talents in both music and the arts were evident to all.  To everyone in the outside world he had so much to live for.


Sam first started showing signs of depression and anxiety when aged 14.  Tragically, only four months after he started being treated for clinical depression, he took his own life at the age of 15.  


His death not only deeply affected his family, but triggered an outpouring of support from all those who knew him through his local schools and his links to the local communities in both Frittenden, Kent and Bryher, in the Isles of Scilly.  


His parents set up the Foundation in memory of Sam and as an effort to help other children, young adults and their families affected by mental health issues.


The Sam West Foundation, was established as a UK registered charity in April 2018.  The overall mission of the Foundation is to help people find the appropriate resources to improve their mental health and wellbeing. 

The Foundation has two main objectives


1. To promote awareness, diagnosis and treatment of mental health issues affecting children, young adults and their families

2. To advance the education of teenagers in music and the arts

The Sam West Foundation does not accept unsolicited proposals. 

The Board will make proactive funding decisions based on the following criteria:


Impact potential – numbers of people expected to benefit from any activity


Inclusivity - with respect to sex, race, religion of those expected to benefit 


Track record - evidence that a proposed partner organisation has generated clinical outcomes from its past work


Clinical supervision – evidence that the activity is based upon sound clinical design and evaluation


Value for money – evidence of cost efficiency 


“Skin in the game” – evidence that any proposed partner organization will contribute towards the planned activity


Governance – evidence that the proposed partner organisation has aligned objects, appropriate governance and safeguarding policies 


Sustainability – understanding how predicted outcomes will be maintained.


Selection Criteria
Our Trustees


The Foundation does not employ any staff, and all the money raised goes towards meeting its objectives.  


The Foundation has a Board of Trustees who are responsible for overall governance, strategy and the identification an monitoring of funded activities.  The Board of Trustees comprises : 


Chris has a background in business and development, and has set up and managed charitable foundations addressing a diversity of social issues in the UK and overseas.


Isabelle has a finance, business and investment background, and a long-term interest in investing in ways that achieve wider social benefit, as well as practical experience in managing Sumerian Foundation.


Since 2004 Dineli has been a General Practitioner at Orchard End Surgery, Cranbrook in Kent, with additional roles related to clinical supervision of Foundation year graduates, and leading on safeguarding and sexual health at the practice.


Michelle has a Biomedical Science Degree with particular interest in neuro-physiology and nutrition. She currently delivers Youth Mental Health First Aid courses following training with Mental Health First Aid England.


Registered Office :  Two Temple Place,

London, WC2R 3BD

Registered Charity No. 1177924

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